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holy... an update?!?!  fo sheezy my heezy (or something trendy like that)
Last Updated:  3.02.2k4
I know, I know.  Its been a while since this site has seen the light of my computer.  But instead of studying for my statistics test tomorrow, I decided my effort would be of better use for bringing this place back from the dead.  I made a lot of random changes, updated some stuff so just take a look around.  I've got some big plans for the future, but a shortage of time, so I promise to do my best in getting this all updated sooner or later.  I do have a year of life to update this with, afterall.  Also, I apologize for the ads and junk.  Thats craptastic that they're here.  But I'm not paying for this, so I guess I don't have too much room for complaining.
Daily Confessions
my journal of sorts, I suppose.  Updated almost daily.UPDATED 3.02.04
Random Hilarity
They're dinky, they're Pinky and the Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain....
Gym Class Chronicles
Some hilariously fun stories of my gym class.
Crazy Things to Do
A tribute to LCLC and all my peeps there.
Contact Me
My contact info and a small bio of the master behind this chaoticness.
Fun Things To Do
When boredom strikes, look here for a couple ideas.
Holy Linkage!!
Some totally new and outrageously fun sites to hit up.
Organized Chaos
My 2 cents
from me, the numero uno wisdom guru.
Story Time
everyone get your sit-upons
For my 2 best friends
Becky and Sarah are two groovy chicks
Featuring Angela, Emily, and Joe
fun times at Joe's house.
Stories Con Georgie
all about the weird ways of my sister.