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Wanna get a hold of me?  Here's how, genius.

I am quite accessible.  For instance, I happen to be on AOL Instant Messenger pretty much all the time.  And if I'm not there, I'll have an away message up for you kids to leave a message for me.  So here are some random screen names that I may be on for AIM or other services.

NOTE:  MY E-MAIL ADDRESS HAS CHANGED!!!!  It is now  Do not send anything to my old address because it's a closed account.

Random Emily Factoids:
Name:  Emily R. Klinzing, the first.
DOB: 09.06.1984 (I expect presents)
Likes:  Duct tape, saying "true that", Harry potter uno, Frosted Flakes, proms, clicky pencils, chapstick, laughing so hard my stomach hurts, the dollar store, ridiculously dumb jokes.
dislikes:  drugs, anything with strawberry flavoring (I like actual strawberries though), buffy the vampire slayer, mushrooms on pizza, too much change all at one time.
future plans:  eat dinner, attend college, become an Urban planner, go to the moon.  (Order is not definite)
Current Crush:  This boy: