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All New Linkage, for your World Wide Web Experience Pleasure
I tend to find some really great stuff on the internet.  Sometimes I run across these things on accident.  Sometimes people send me these things because they know how much I get a kick out of this crap.  Other times, people send them to me thinking it would annoy me, but alas, their plan backfires.  So here are a few of my favorites for you.

CollegeHumor one of the funniest websites I like.  its updated pretty regularly.  the pictures are very fun.

Dashtabs  Or as I like to refer to it as "dashcrack".  Its pretty addicting.  Its down right now, due to server issues, but hopefully it'll be up and going again soon.  I miss it like... something that misses something else a lot.

Connect Four  Awesomely fun game.  I miss playing it on my living room floor.  This is a good try at a replacement.

Funniest List EVER This guy basically makes a list of all the things he was told not to do while in the army.  So funny.  Its kinda lengthy but definitely worth the time.

One of the coolest things ever  Its hard to explain, but definitely worth a look.  You can write things with a pad and paper and then email it to people.  Just take a look to find out what my gibberish is leading up to.

Mini Golf  Who says mini golf is a summer sport?  I can kick your butt any time of the year now.