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Fun things to Do
This is what I do when I'm bored.  I have this fantastic ability to amuse myself for hours on end.  

One way I do this is downloading pictures off the internet.  These are a few of the good ones I found today:
my oh my....its Adam Garcia.                             BBMak attack!

you know who they are, our favorite shell boys!      Shane West....mmm mmm good.

could this kid be any hotter?           Gotta love the dmb-ness of this picture.

kinda odd, kinda funny.

When I'm bored, I also like to make CD's of me playing the guitar.  If you should like a copy of this compact disc, simply inform me and I will send you one.

One thing not to do when you are bored is lock your keys in the car.

One thing to definitely do when you're bored is search for web sites about the place of higher learning that you'd like to attend someday.  When you find one that is Anti-your future college, read it and realize it makes you want to go there even more.  Here is one such web site:  Anti-SUNY Albany.