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"Swans and Crows"

There's something about him
You can see it in his smile
In his eyes
In the swing of his hips
In the taste of his lips
At night
It's so right
He never lets go
And holds on
So tight
To anything
And everything
He can get his hands on
And he always lands on
His feet
And everywhere we meet
He's thinking
I'll be
And we can exchange a word
'Cause he's a swan
And I'm a black bird
He's so perfect and sane
I dance in the rain,
More than I'll ever know,
He's a swan,
And I'm a crow,
And we don't mix,
And he can't fix,
All that he would like,
Because it's not alright,
For him to look at me,
That way,
But somehow,
Maybe I'll,
Be okay,
And when the rain pours,
And when he wants more,
I'll laugh,
I'll cry,
I'll roll my eyes,
I'll sigh,
Because I know,
And he knows,
We can't be this way,
We can't feel this way,
Because it's not good,
And it's not right,
For him to know,
To love me,
Because he can shove me,
Off the ledge,
I'm hanging on the edge,
Of this thin rope,
That's called hope,
And I want so much,
And I need so much,
That he can never give me,
Because it's not right you know,
For a swan to love a crow.