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Crazy Things to Do
Angela Anaconda is most definitely one of the most amazing and cool and really fun people I know.  It was fate that we become friends and the world (or at least my world) would not be the same if it wasn't for this girl.  Back in the best days of my life, a.k.a. Summer of 2000, Angela and I shared some very fun times.  She deemed it necessary to make a list of these things and I updated this list and it is now time for it to make its debut.  So here it is.  Yay rah!

UPDATE:  New Crazy Things at the bottom of the list!!

1)  Get a fake cell phone and talk on it.  When people ask who you're talking to, tell them your boyfriend, and when they ask who your boyfriend is, say Lance Bass or JC Chasez or even Justin Timberlake and make sure they believe you.
2)  Have flag lowering.  Lower flag in silence.  Then sing the fishy song.  The Jesus Chant may follow if you want.
3)  Go and make a phone call.  Bypass the phone and go into the kitchen for some cookie dough.  Repeat every several hours.
4) Get an *NSYNC poster and give them all messages with post-it notes.
5)  Give nicknames like Emily Elephant and Angela Anaconda.
6)  Send away for Hug Newsletters and have them sent to camp under code names of Ms. Anaconda and Miss Elephant.
7)  Send away for rescue tubes from the 1-800 number on the tube.  (If you want the full number for future reference, it is 1-800-WTR-SAFT)
8) Collect and call 1-800 numbers.
9)  Send away for teen-bop contests under boys names.   Have the entry sent to camp directors.
10)  Have a SIT reunion at the prom.
11)  Learn Romanian for rec. time.  Ask how to say rock on(marfuh), how to say the number 6(sase-reminds me of Chasez) and how to sing *NSYNC (Pa, Pa, Pa) in Romanian.
12)  Mail each other letters from JC & Lance, mail yourself letters from JC & Lance, have other people write you letters from JC & Lance.
13)  Dress up crazy for dances and get there before everyone else and start dancing crazy.  (Dance like no one's watching.)
14)  Tell Jmatt stories about libraries and copy machines (should we go to Kinko's after the prom?  They're open 24 hours.)
15)  Buy ghetto CD's at Wal*Mart, then ask people if they sound real or fake.
16)  Take 5 hours to pack.  Tell yourself you will start in 15 minutes; 15 minutes later,give yourself 10 minutes.  Repeat.
17)  If driving past McDonald's and *NSYNC CD's are on sale there, ask Anthony if you can go there, flip out when he says yes.
18)  If you're at a laundry mat and you find a magazine with an address label, by all means, write a letter to that person telling her that she won a washing machine - sign this letter from Ed McMahon.
19)  Play in the swamp during rainstorms.
20)  Decorate *NSYNC posters with glow-in-the-dark paint.
21)  Decorate Redeemer with post it notes.
22)  Wear Happy Birthday crowns that leave a line across your forehead and force you to wear a hat for the next two days.
23)  Decorate Tim's room with *NSYNC and Britney posters, and any other fun stuff you can find.
24)  Keep a tally of how many days a Geneseo Soccer shirt is worn, laugh hysterically when the shirt is left behind.
25)  Put yellow bras on your head.
26)  After painting cabins, wash brushes by filling a bucket with water and rinsing them, and then dipping them back in the dirty water.
27)  To get paint off your arms, massage butter all over until you are a greasy mess.  When you try to rinse it off, the water will glide right off.  You will then be told that the paint was water soluble in the first place.
28) Climb all over Redeemer's furniture.
29)  Decide to randomly clean Redeemer.
30)  Listen to SClub7.
31)  Decide to change your name to Cucumber.  Decide to name your kids Archibald, Lettuce, and Pickle.
32)  Stick your hands in the food waste bucket, or better yet, eat the food waste.
33)  Change the words to songs.
34)  Tape pretzels to the walls.
35)  Put *NSYNC posters in the boys' bathroom.
36)  Sleep out under Fiesta Tents.  On the coldest night of the summer.  Make s'mores over candles.
37)  Take a hiking trip to Trinity Knoll.  Make sure you pack everything you might possibly need.
38)  Be Nancy Drew and solve "The Case of the Lost Portfolio."
39)  Buy ghetto wine from the Dollar Store.
40)  Spend forty minutes on the phone calling information trying to find the numbers to *NSYNC members' houses.
41)  Send in subscriptions for your boss for Teenybopper magazines.
42)  Fill out college information reply cards for your boss who has already graduated from college.
43)  Hold weekly Tuesday night parties from 11:15 until 11:30 PM.  Only hold them on random weeks and if your roommates try to take your idea over, abandon immediately.
44)  Hang out with S.I.T.'s.  When told you are no longer allowed to have contact with them, send them lots of letters and hang out with them as much as humanly possible.
45)  Video tape EVERYTHING.
46)  Request for Dakota Road to play "Bye Bye Bye" and invite them to go to raves with you.
47)  Sell your body to go to raves.
48)  Sleep in the middle of Palm Isle (Paul Mile?)
49)  Wake up people on their morning off at 7 am to wish them a Happy NSYNC Day.
50)  Place a dagger underneath your mattress to protect you from your roommates, er, I mean "the coons".
51)  Buy cool stuff like Label-ers and TRL sweatshirts at Salvation Army.
52)  Steal people's cars to go places like Quality Markets only to find out its closed and you have to go to a gas station to buy cookie dough.
53)  Have your boss describe to you a little boy named Timmy who you will have to watch the upcoming week.  Ask him how old he is and laugh hysterically when he replies, "Oh, I don't know....about the age of the DEVIL!!"
54)  Plan campfires.  Make "Little Cabin in the Woods" every other song.
55)  Look through Bean's pictures and laugh when there is a picture of Steve Urkel among them.
56)  Make people crawl through the vent in the door in order to get to the bathroom.  Try really hard not to laugh when a girl goes spastic about the injustices of doing that.
57)  Call all the radio stations requesting "Baby" by Lost and Found.
58)  Watch weddings from afar.  Then later go to the wedding site and take pictures.
59)  Wear Geneseo soccer shirts.
60)  Make up really cool quotes that sound super real.
61)  Make a salad using all the scraps from the meal before and put it on a table for people to eat.  Laugh really hard when someone says they like it.
62)  Have "romantic" candle light dinners. Watch the Romanian Wonder set the table on fire and then just sit back down and eat.
63)  Put on a kitchen apron and shimmy through the lunch line when the song "Dancing Queen" comes on.
64)  Laugh at Mike Daniels when he says, "My teacher reminds me of Marianne.  He calls us assholes when we do something wrong."
65)  Go back to camp on random March days because you were "in the area."  Proceed to steal things that you don't really need and fall down stairs.
66) Go to Vanilla Ice concerts.
67) Work at competing grocery stores and learn all the inside stuff so that one day you can take over the world with the superest grocery store of all time!
68) Make t-shirts with awesome logos.
69) Text message random things to each other that only you would understand so even if someone sees what it says while you're laughing hysterically, they'll just think you're even crazier than before.

e-mail me with other ideas to add to the list.

"Anything is possible with a good plan and the perfect accomplice."  -M&R