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Stories Con Georgie
Well, it was brought to my attention recently that my older sista, Georgina aka "Gorge", is a geek.  Here are a few stories I'd like to share about this fine individual....

To see a picture of Georgie in all her goony-ness, click here.

The setting is my bedroom during the winter break of Georgina's junior year of college.  I have bunk beds and the spare bedroom was a mess so I got the privilege of having Gorge stay in my room during this time.  Well, the first few days she was home, I still had school and I needed my sleep.  So I sleep on the top bunk and she sleeps on the bottom bunk.  Well, neither of those happened because every time I would be somewhat close to falling asleep, Georgina would be right on the task of keeping me awake by telling "college stories."  Now, I wanted to sleep, but these stories were frickin funny and I didn't want to miss them.  So I didn't sleep.  But finally she stopped talking at around 1:00 AM.  I fall asleep to be woken up by noises at around 2:30.  I look around me and what do I see?  Georgina using a flashlight and going through all my letters and drawers at my desk.  That girl is a p-s-y-c-h-o.

Georgina is one fine driver, let me tell you.  One time she managed to be driving and hit the side of my house, breaking the side view mirror and then proceeded to hit the other car.  Niiiiice.  UPDATE:  So, I managed to hit my house as well.... so technically I can't really bash her about it anymore.  But I still will.

One summer, Georgina, myself and my kid sister, Kathleen went to stay with my grandparents in Pennsylvania for a week.  The first night we got there, my grandma had prepared a very nice meal complete with stuffed shells.  Now my grandma is an excellent cook, but those shells are big.  Yet Georgina managed to swallow 13 of those bad boys..the rest of us ate around 4....hmmm....

Last New Year's Eve, Georgina told all her friends that she was going partying and the likes, but really she wasn't.  I had a party to go to but when I found out she was going to the movies with Kathleen and her friend, I wanted to go to the movies too.  So, we get there and the movies are closed.  We go to Hollywood Video and rent a few video cassette tapes.  Then I realize that I have an NSYNC camera with me and we decide to have some fun.  We go cruisin' in the mini van and go to the somewhat wealthier part of town and make snow angels in random peoples yards.  

When Georgina was younger, she had a kind of funny, yet bad habit.  Now as I am younger than her, I was not alive to witness this, but the stories have lived on to this day.  This story begins with her opening a window. Yes, a window.  And climbing out of it.  And sitting on the roof.  Well, one time my neighbors across the street saw her and my other older sister, Christina doing this and called my parents who were downstairs.  So Georgina climbs back in and closes the window on Christina who is now stuck on the roof.  Georgina is such a loving sister, always thinking about others before herself.

Georgina played basketball in high school and there is one game that I recall wonderfully.  I was sitting in the bleachers and she was lined up for a foul shot.  So she's in that bent down kind of crouching position.  Well, our team has white shorts....and Georgina wore like, blue and green polka dot underwear that you could see beautifully.  It was hilarious. (She told me that I made this story up, but I know I didn't.  I remember it so well I could tell you where I was sitting.....Believe me GK, it happened.)

Georgie is graduating from school this May.  I think she majored in History or something fun like that.  My mom wants her to go to graduate school to be a gym teacher.  So, if anyone knows of any librarian openings, IM her at  crazyg1235.  

OK.  Here's the conversation we had last night.  I don't know how this got started, or why we continued having the conversation, but we did.  Oh my oh my.  Don't ever EVER discuss sex with your older sister.  Its funny, but not good.  You end up sharing and having things shared with you that are not good.  
  Basically before this we were discussing "bases" and what "base" we've gotten to with what guys...

Her:  Have you given head?
me:  What?
her:  Don't... its not good.  I mean, its not natural.
me:  Well, cheese in a can isn't natural, but that's good.
her: (laughing hard) I can't believe you just compared sucking a guys dick to cheese in a can.

So, my little sister went to visit Georgina at college.  And she came home looking like a rabid raccoon attacked her face.  I'm scared to visit her now for fear that I may not make it back alive.  Basically she's really scraped up and she broke two teeth... niiiiiiice.

Every night is like a the first night at camp.  Georgie and I share MY room now that she's home and every night before we go to sleep, we just tell funny stories and laugh.  Then I say, "Are you going Polar Bearing tomorrow morning?'  She says yes, and I say OK.  Then we go to sleep.  

Ever since that first sex conversation, the topic comes up a lot.  It needs to not come up anymore.  Seriously, all you brothers and sisters out there, NEVER talk to your siblings about anything of a sexual nature.  Ever.

UPDATE:  I'm going to Chicago with Georgina over spring break next week.  So I'm sure I'll have a few stories after that.  Check back, check often.