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Featuring Angela, Emily, and Joe

Recently I visited some people with Angela K.  We went to a total of three people's houses and we hit 1/3 of the people we were looking for.  This person was Joe.  I think he sort of knew we would be arriving at his home (since moments before we had called him asking where he lived...he's a smart kid like that).  So this is my tally of....
Awkward Moments: Featuring Angela, Emily and Joe.
Moment #1... When we walked to the door and Joe answered ...without us even knocking.
Moment #2... Standing at the bottom of his stairway not really knowing what to say because we really had no reason to be there.
Moment #3... Going to his room and seeing all his sex books sitting on his bed.
Moment #4... When Angela pick up one of the books and started reading it out loud.
Moment #5... When Angela stopped reading it and Joe said, "Well this is awkward..."
Moment #6... When Joe gave us a book from Canada or Hong Kong or something...hmm...(probably full of anthrax since he didn't know who sent it to him or anything....)
Moments #7-27... The twenty or so times no one was saying anything and we were just standing there in an awkward silence just nodding our heads and being like, "...yep...".

As Angela and Joe know there were many other awkward-ish moments, but sometimes that's just the way things go.

"Anything is possible with a good plan and the perfect accomplice." -M&R